Old Birkonians we remember...

  • Brian Elliot [OB 1950 -1957] advises us that Ken Armstong passed away in Cyprus in December 2015. 

  • John Walton died in Petaluma California in early December leaving his wife Ann and two sons Ross and Craig.. He had suffered with Parkinson's and Alzheimer's for an extended period.... more

  • We recently learned that Richard [Dick] Hubbard passed away on 6th March 2015. He was Headboy in 1960. In his will he left a generous legacy to help the School. Some will remember his mother, Mrs... more

  • Graham Hurton passed away on Saturday 21st November, 2015. Graham was a past Chairman of Governors, a member of the Old Birkonian Council until the 2015 AGM and an active member of the Archive... more

  • We have been advised by Donald's son, James Goad [1983 - 1990] that his father passed away at home in Heswall after a short illness on 30th September 2015.

    If any OBs wish to attend the... more

  • Geoff's widow, Jean, has advised us that he died on the 20th February, 2015, aged 80. He lived in Formby, Lancashire.

    He was at School from 1945 - 1950 with his twin brother, Donald. After... more

  • We have learned that Myles Sheppick [1994 - 1999] died on 30th July 2015.

  • We have been advised that Anthony Herbert Godbert died in June 2015 aged 90.

  • We have been advised that Stanley John Collins died in April 2015.

  • Died May 10th 2010 .Loved his time at this prestigious School.