Chris Teggin advises that Lt. Cdr. Jim Cox has passed away. Although not an OB Jim was OC Royal Navy Section CCF from 1997 until he retired in October 2006 at the age of 70.

Lt Cdr Jim Cox MBE RNR(Ret’d)

James Albert Cox was a Londoner, born on 5 October 1936; evacuated to Essex in 1940; and a boy entrant to the Royal Navy as soon as he was old enough, at age 15.  He was one of the many young sailors who lined the Coronation route in 1953; and in 1965 was one of those entrusted to pull the gun carriage bearing Sir Winston Churchill’s coffin to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Serving all over the world, Jim rose to the rank of Chief Gunnery Instructor before coming ashore to work with Naval reserves at HMS Eaglet in Liverpool, where he met his wife, and in the Careers Service in the North West.

His contact with Birkenhead School began as a parent, but in 1997 at the invitation of the headmaster, Stuart Haggett, he joined the CCF Contingent as Lt Cox; OC RN Section.  In 2003 he became second in command of the contingent as a Lt Cdr until his retirement at age 70 in October 2006, after 55 years of service in navy blue.  Jim died on 26th July 2017.